Mirjam Knickriem is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany.
After her Masters in Architecture she decided to follow her passion and pursue a career in photography.

She moved to New York where she worked as an assistant to the acclaimed photographer Michael Thompson.

Following this she worked as an assistant in both Paris and Berlin.

Her approach to the craft is a combination of storytelling in pictures that capture authenticity and liveliness and working with the colors, light and scenery that inspire her most. Mirjam is always interested to look behind the surface, working closely together with people or objects and always intent to show their inner beauty, and realness.

Mirjam Knickriem is the author and photographer of „Mein Mali“ – her own Charity Project showcasing the beauty and dignity of Malians.

Furthermore she has photographed three other illustrated books. She lives in Berlin with her husband and their daughter.